Objectives, goals, tactics, and measures

We can do more when we distinguish between outcomes and means

Objectives, goals, tactics, and measures

We are more powerful when we can see the difference between an objective, goal, tactic, and measure. Here's an example:

  • Objective = make the park beautiful
  • Goal = plant a tree
  • Tactic = use a shovel
  • Measure = % progress

Two shortcuts to getting this right are (1) customer obsession, because that aligns the team on objectives and goals; and (2) trusting teammates to choose and deliver on the right tactics, because that encourages ownership, responsibility, and creative and effective use of expertise. It is also way more fun for everybody.

Do this right, and you are more likely to have your beautiful park with a tree planted in the middle. 🌳

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Brainard Strategy for your deeper exploration of this topic in the PDF "The OGTM Method of Goal Setting."

Header photo by Gilly Stewart / Unsplash